Where to meet: The meeting place will be specified with respect to which lake, weather and which species of fish we are after. It is important to contact me prior to the trip in order to finalize any plans, and discuss any weather. Usually trips begin at safe light depending on weather.
Exchanging cell phone numbers is a good idea in the event something happens during travel to a meeting place. Normally I give directions to the launch site and we begin and end at that location, but if necessary, I can pick you up from your hotel if you are visiting town.

Severe Weather: Lightning or severe weather can sometimes be a problem. If possible, I wait out passing severe weather in the bait shop or other shelter. If the severe weather is prolonged, other arrangements must be made, rescheduling, etc. Safety is my priority!

Questions: Be sure to ask ANY questions you may have before the trip, and I am more than happy to answer any questions about fishing during the trip. I am happy to provide updates for clients should you choose to return. I provide fishing information via email or over the phone, and will be happy to mark a map for you during the trip if you have one. Maps are available at the Gander Mountain Hermantown or on-line.